"KACHA KOUBOU" Kikuimo Tea 37.5g

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Product : "KACHA KOUBOU" Kikuimo Tea

Volume : 37.5g

Usage :

- Cultivated in Takasu Town, Hokkaido, Japan. Natural with high quality

- Pesticide and additive free

- All ingredients are selected by the Senior Vegetable Sommelier

- All in “Hand-Made”

- Japan, Taiwan and other overseas’ websites had recommended “Kikuimo” the efficacy for diabetic patients, although not yet officially published a scientific prove

- Enhance antioxidant ability

- Rich in Water-Soluble Fiber (Inulin) which helps to prevent blood sugar rising

- Helps to reduce Serum Triglyceride and enhance Intestinal immunity

Cautions :

- Patients with Kidney disease should not drink

- Pregnancy women need to consult the Gynaecologist’s advice

Country of Origin : Japan, Hokkaido