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Welcome to La Cucina Italiana Store

"La Cucina Italiana Company Limited" in Hong Kong with aimed at supply of high quality Italian food and wine products at the best available prices, our business coverage in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

La Cucina Italiana Company Limited

We select the best Italian food which are quality guaranteed and with a long renowned dining and wine making culture from ITALY; as the most commonly used of Olive Oil for Italian cuisine with a diverse variety of pasta with different sauces; a well-known Balsamic Vinegar with wild variety of cellared fine wine from the oldest winery and every kind of tools or equipment that you can simply found in an ordinary Italian kitchen that we can offer to you.

We believe that to truly enjoy the Italian gastronomy, the only way is to get to the source - 100% from ITALY.  Thus, we have a solid and experience logistic team located in Italy and Hong Kong respectively to ensure the delivery works smooth and on time in order to maintain the freshness of food.

“La Cucina Italiana Company Limited” provides only with quality guaranteed fine goods and services to our clients and everyone whose are with passionate in Italian dining culture.